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PhD Student in Computer Science, Algorithms Research Group, Université libre de Bruxelles

I am (since October 2020) a PhD student in computer science at ULB under the supervision of Jean Cardinal and John Iacono (funded by the F.N.R.S. with a FRIA grant). I work on questions around fine-grained complexity and optimality for geometric algorithms and data structures.




I have been a teaching assistant for the following courses.


An Improved Lower Bound on the Number of Pseudoline Arrangements, with Fernando Cortés Kühnast, Stefan Felsner and Manfred Scheucher To be presented at SOCG 2024.

A General Technique for Searching in Implicit Sets via Function Inversion, with Boris Aronov, Jean Cardinal and John Iacono. SOSA@SODA 2024.

Finding the saddlepoint faster than sorting, with Frederik Haagensen, Riko Jacob, László Kozma and Sebastian Wild. SOSA@SODA 2024.

The Rectilinear Convex Hull of Line Segments, with Carlos Alegría, Pablo Pérez-Lantero, and Carlos Seara. FCT 2023.

Conditional Lower Bounds for Dynamic Geometric Measure Problems, with John Iacono. ESA 2022.

How Fast Can We Play Tetris Greedily with Rectangular Pieces?, with John Iacono. FUN 2022.

Approximability of (Simultaneous) Class Cover for Boxes, with Jean Cardinal and John Iacono. CCCG 2021.

Effciently Stabbing Convex Polygons and Variants of the Hadwiger-Debrunner (p, q)-Theorem, with Patrick Schnider. CCCG 2021.

An Instance-Optimal Algorithm for Bichromatic Rectangular Visibility, with Jean Cardinal and John Iacono. ESA 2021.


An Optimal Randomized Algorithm for Finding the Saddlepoint, with Frederik Haagensen, Riko Jacob, László Kozma and Sebastian Wild.